Homes for Sale in Coppell TX 75019

Coppell’s History

Coppell goes all the way back to the 1830’s when it was known as Grapevine Springs. Changing its name to Gibbs in 1873, the community finally decided to change it’s name again for the last time to “Coppell” in 1890 , probably after George Coppell who was a popular New York businessman closely associated to the railroads. Transportation has played a key role in the history of Coppell as the railroads provided the necessary transportation for the area’s many farms. In the 1920’s, paved roads and automobiles became more apparent in the area, and by the 1930’s, automobles became a more popular form of transportation. The City of Coppell Texas was finally incorporated in 1955.

Coppell Today & Tomorrow

The success of Coppell today is a result of well-thoughtout plans implemented by it’s residents and elected leaders. The City is dedicated to future programs and services that are designed to ensure financial stability, stable infrastructure and well-maintained neighborhoods. Coppell Vision 2030 is a program that is intended to oversee that the high standard of living present in Coppell today will be maintained tomorrow and beyond. This unique plan provides strategies to manage future opportunities for Coppell for the next twenty years.

Homes for Sale in Coppell TX 75019

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