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Welcome to Flower Mound Texas

Flower Mound is located south of Denton and northwest of Dallas in south central Denton County. It is a residential suburban community of 64,669 on 20,000 acres of land near the shore of Grapevine Lake. The town encourages conservation development and protects and preserves existing open spaces, vistas, and wildlife. The people there are very proud of their history of Flower Mound, and even though some parts of the history is unknown, many interesting facts have gone into the making of Flower Mound. One thing is certain, and that is even when there are many things that have changed in Flower Mound over the years, the Mound remains essentially as it was thousands of years ago. There has never been a plow put in the Mound, and according to the leaders of the Mound Foundation, there will never be a house, building or parking lot placed on it.

History Snapshot

The City gets its name “Flower Mound”  because of a fifty foot high mound covered with native prairie grasses including Bluestem, Indian grass and Switch grass, as they have for thousands of years. Between three and four hundred different plants and flowers grow on the Mound.  The mound was once used by the Wichita Indians as a holy place to bury their dead in high ground as a sign of respect of their passing.

Unlike other settlements in Texas that were unable to grow during the Great Depression, Flower Mound maintained a steady population throughout the first four decades of the twentieth century and became a substantial farming and cattle raising community. The unique landscape along with the quality of the soil enabled farmers to grow cotton, corn, and wheat, and this may have been a contributing factor as to why Flower Mound was able to buck the effects of the Great Depression when other communities were adversely affected by it.

Homes for Sale in Flower Mound TX 75022 75027 and 75028

Flower Mound is a great place to call home as evidenced by the national rankings the Town has received, designating it as a top U.S. suburb. If you’re looking at homes for sale in Flower Mound TX 75022 75027 and 75028, we currently have many home properties for sale in this area. Buying a home or any property takes time and it’s important to possess both negotiating skills and knowledge of Flower Mound and other Texas neighborhoods. In the past 36 Months, the Dan Combe Group has sold homes in over 30 cities across Texas. Dan and his agents have established referrals and completed transactions for clients across the country and world wide. Call the Dan Combe Group today at (817)800-0007.

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