Homes for Sale in Frisco TX 75034 and 75035

Frisco Texas

Before the St. Louis and San Francisco Rail Lines decided to set tracks through the abundant farmland, Frisco was mainly a community of farming immigrants that made their way through Indian trails in covered wagons. Frisco quickly evolved into a selling and shipping hub, beginning with numerous cotton gins and grain elevators, and was the home of a Farmers Co-operative Gin Association. With water being plentiful, Frisco City was finally formed in 1902 when the effects of railroad transportation brought more retail and farming interests to the city. Frisco was incorporated in 1908.

The growth of Frisco did not last for long, and up until 1960 the population was only 1,184. However, because of the growth in Dallas during following decades, the growth in Frisco tripled. By 2000, there were 33,714 people and in 2013, Frisco’s phenomenal growth continued as the population soared to 130,020.

Frisco Today

Frisco is one of the most vibrant and fastest growing cities in Texas. Frisco is a fun and safe place for kids and adults. Whether your passion is shopping, dining, sports arts or culture, Frisco has plenty to offer. Ask a Frisco resident why Frisco is thriving, and the’ll probably tell you “Frisco is doing something right. It’s not your typical Dallas suburb, but a city with a lot to offer to both residents and visitors. No matter what your interest, chances are Frisco has something for you!”

Expert Guidance

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