Homes for Sale in Keller TX 76244 76248 and 76262

Keller’s History

The success of the Texas Republic involved many challenges throughout the 1800’s, and traveling was one of the biggest challenges that early settlers had to face. Even as late as 1850, most of the population was using the river routes and areas along the Gulf Coast for transportation. Even though steamboat transportation was common, Texas rivers were not consistently deep enough for dependable year-round travel. Roads were sometimes poor or nonexistent, depending on wet weather. Many proposals to improve internal transportation were both considered and attempted during the period of the Republic of Texas and early statehood. These included river improvements, canals, and plank roads in addition to railroads. However, it was the railroads that made the development of Texas possible, and for many years railroad extension and economic growth paralleled each other.

With many Texas settlements coming to life from the expansion of the railroads, Keller became a stop along the Texas and Pacific Railway. It was named after John C. Keller, a foreman on the railroad in the 1850’s. The wooded landscape around Keller attracted settlers because it was close to the Trinity River, plus the abundance of land for farm and cattle raising. With the railroad service available to Keller, it began to prosper as a trade center for the surrounding farm community and finally became incorporated in 1955.

Modern Keller

Today, Keller is an affluent city that describes itself as a town that has “successfully balancing big-city comforts with small-town charm.” Located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, its population of 42,000 people enjoy plenty of natural land, 300 acres of developed park, 19 miles of hike and bike trails and 11 park sites. Keller’s Independent School District has 36 campuses serving more than 30,000 students. Recently constructed establishments include the town hall, municipal service center, and award-winning recreation and aquatic center.

Homes for Sale in Keller TX 76244 76248 and 76262

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