Homes for Sale in Lake Travis 78738

Welcome to Lake Travis, Texas

Lake Travis is a sixty-five-mile-long lake on the Colorado River in southern Burnet and western Travis counties. Early inhabitants in the Lake Travis area date back to the mid 1700’s, when European explorers first made contact with the Comanche, Lipan Apache, Tonkawa, and Jumano Indians. The first true settlements came later however, when Travis County was created and Austin became the Texas capital in 1839.

Even long before the first settlements, the very first humans to inhabit what is now Travis County probably arrived as the last Ice Age was drawing to a close more than 11,000 years ago. Hundreds of archaeological sites throughout the area show that a human presence was here in prehistoric times. So if you like to dig for fossils, Lake Travis might be a place you want to check out.

Lake Travis Today

Spend a little time to explore this land of amazing diverse beauty and you’ll realize that nowhere else in Texas will you find such a variety of recreational opportunities. It’s fair to say that the majority of people living in Lake Travis are permanent residents because they love the great outdoors. Residents, and visitors alike, enjoy the lakes, hills, rivers and prairies that Lake Travis has to offer. The summer heat is a prominent feature, sometimes above 100 degrees, and it’s ideally suited for year-round recreation. The temperature may dip below freezing a few days each year, but it is usually followed quickly by mild, sunny weather.

Homes for Sale in Lake Travis 78738

Browse a complete list of homes for sale in Lake Travis 78738, their location and stats. Situated in the heart of scenic Lake Travis is your future Texas dream home. Close enough to the Colorado River, the amazing City of Austin Texas, and of course lake Travis, you’ll be “part of it all!” Call Dan Combe to schedule your tour of beautiful homes for sale in Lake Travis 78738. Call (817)800-0007 today!
Homes for Sale in Lake Travis 78738

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