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Welcome to Tarrytown Austin

One of the most popular neighborhoods in the west Austin area is Tarrytown, located between downtown Austin and Lake Austin. Surrounded by the lush foliage from old shade trees, Tarrytown is primarily a residential neighborhood and is well-known for its historic and dynamic style of architecture. Many of the iconic homes in this affluent area of Austin have been constructed in a Medieval revival design, all of which have been  consistently designed or remodeled to the specific design preferences of Tarrytown residents.

Tarrytown is considered one of Austin’s oldest industrial areas and is home to the Lime Kiln Building, a large stone and mortar building built in 1871. It was master-minded by Peter C. Taylor and features a patented design known as the Triangle Support system. This design allowed the structure to withstand constant use, and it’s said that many of the historic homes in the Tarrytown area were built with the same or similar support system.

Since Tarrytown is largely a residential area, it has few restaurants and shops within its borders. However, it is conveniently located just minutes from downtown Austin, and there are outdoor activities to experience such as:

  • Reed Park – a six-acre park that contains a playground, a swimming pool, a multipurpose field, picnic tables and a barbeque pit. There is a creek and nature trail. Reed Park is a great place in Tarrytown for outdoor lovers.
  • Tarrytown’s Lions Municipal Golf Course – a golf course that has been around since 1934. It has hosted many famous golfer’s.
  • The Mayfield Preserve – a 22-acre park on the edge of Tarrytown that offers beautiful gardens, colorful peacocks and ponds with water lilies.

Tarrytown is a beautiful neighborhood and you are sure to appreciate it as being very clean and quiet, . and some will say “classy.” Where else in Austin will you find a better example of a  classic neighborhood with many homes designed with a Medieval revival style? Tarrytown has everything from 1920s cottages to new mansions, but it predominantly consists of large, older homes. There are also several high-end apartment complexes and condominiums in Tarrytown that make it possible to live there for less.

Homes for Sale in Tarrytown 78703

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