Homes for Sale in Uptown of Dallas 75204

Explore Uptown

Just two decades ago, this portion of Dallas did not exist, but thanks to a group of like-minded property owners who joined forces, it is now a neighborhood unlike any that exists in Dallas. After several name changes, it was finally setteled that the area would be known as “Uptown”. Dallas continues to promote and market Uptown as an urban neighborhood with vibrant luxury residences, world-class office space and endless shopping, dining and entertainment options. And all of this right in the heart of Dallas.

A Walkable Community

Today, Uptown is a very walkable community where its residents, workers and visitors can enjoy the unique amenities of Uptown living on foot. Every day, many of its inhabitants walk the well-planned, tree-lined sidewalks from one business to another, while shopping, eating and just having fun!.. and they don’t have far to walk if they live in Uptown either. For residents from out of the area, there is the public transit via the McKinney Avenue Trolley that will get them around.

Homes for Sale in Uptown of Dallas 75204

Uptown offers the finest residential options from high-rise apartment living to luxury houses and townhomes. Along with entertainment, shopping and office relocation, Uptown has it all and is truly city living at its best.  Spend a little time to explore Uptown and you will realize that nowhere else in Dallas will you find such a unique community as Uptown. Close enough to “everything”,. you’ll be “part of it all!” Call Dan Combe to schedule your tour of homes for sale in Uptown of Dallas 75204. Call (817)800-0007 today!

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